"Thank you so much for blessing us today. I still can't get over your testimony...your wife's journey... and yours.  God is indeed so good!

God is blessing the work of your hands. I hope you will be willing to come back and minister to our staff again.  I heard so many good words about your presentation today".

World Vision Chapel Service

Monrovia, California




"Finding 'hope and wholeness in a sharp-edged world' is Bill's gift to us"

​"Bill's insight does not come from research or studying alone; it comes from his own life experiences, from his heart, and from his close relationship with God. His writing style is eloquent and articulate; he challenges all of us to re-examine our walk with God".

Re: How Healed Do You Want to Be

"I love your ability to speak the truth while aknowledging the pain. Thank you for shining the light, lifting up that standard, waving it back and forth and yelling, "Guys, over here"!  Well, I'm choosing to look."

Re: A Recent Podcast

Professional Christian Counselor, Speaker, Writer, Pastor, Podcaster


"Bill taught me God can be at work in even the most difficult places and he helped me find Him there...discernment, spiritual wisdom.... he listens... cares deeply"

Female Clients

"Bill's words are based on Biblical concepts...nice to know there is a place where marriages can survive and thrive... he puts God in the center of marriage and gives us the tools..."

Couple Clients

"He spoke the truth to me...provided perspective...he was my confidant...a Christian mentor... my friend... he encouraged me... I'm thankful to God for bringing him into my life..."

Male Clients




Bill's new compilation of Gracelets articles in book form:

Gracelets - Thoughts, Reflections and Teachings on Personal and Spiritual Growth.

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