Men say:

"He spoke the truth to me.and provided perspective. He was my confidant, Christian mentor, and friend. I'm thankful to God for bringing him into my life."

Christian Leaders say:

"I have experienced Bill and his ministry in multiple settings over the years as a teacher, retreat leader, and counselor. I have found him to have excellent wisdom and to be very helpful as I have transitioned from stage-to-stage of my forty years in ministry. Bill is a

non-anxious presence to bounce life off of in the midst of difficulty and complexity.  I would

not hesitate to send anyone from my congregation to him for help." 

Lance Pittluck, Pastor Emeritus, Anaheim Vineyard 

Couples say:

"Bill's words are based on Biblical concepts. It's nice to know there is a place where marriages can survive and thrive. He puts God in the center of marriage and gives us the tools."

Women say:

"Bill taught me God can be at work in even the most difficult places and he helped me find Him there. He has discernment and spiritual wisdom. He listens and cares deeply"

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Bill is a professional Christian counselor who practices in Orange County, California.

He meets with individuals and couples at his offices in San Juan Capistrano and Costa Mesa or via phone or video conferencing anywhere. 

Bill Faris, MPC

Professional Christian Counseling

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