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Marriage Retreat Feedback:

"I had a chance to speak to some of the couples who attended the retreat and the feedback I got was really terrific.  

People commented on the content by saying you provided practical life application information that a lot of the couples are already using!  I even saw one couple who had not sat together in church in I don't know how long standing and worshiping together last Sunday.  I know the Lord did that through the retreat.  

There was a real start to some healing that was long overdue in a few of the couples.  It was wonderful to see". 

As an experienced and effective public speaker, Bill 

especially enjoys speaking in churches and leading

marriage retreats, seminars, conferences and

workshops with a focus on personal growth, spiritual

growth, family life, and the well being of Christian


No matter what the setting or audience, Bill's passion

is to help men, women, couples, and leaders experience

"a good life with God". 


Retreat and Seminar Topics Include:

* Thriving Through Transition

* How Healed Do You Want to Be?

* Level Up Your Marriage

* Self-Care For Christian Leaders

* Priorities and Practices of Christian Counseling

* Understanding and Activating Forgiveness

* Planning Your Path (Intentional Life Planning)



JJune 2 - 4, 2017
Married Couples' Retreat - La Quinta, CA
Hosted by Calvary Chapel, Refuge - Huntington Beach, CA
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