"Gracelets are bite-sized chunks of wisdom that have been proved through the fires of adversity. All true wisdom is found there. Real, raw, honest, and full of grace and truth, Gracelets will remind us that wisdom, beauty, and hope can be found in all situations.

Bill Faris has walked many people through hard times, and served as a guide for those who need God to rebuild their lives once again.”

- Peyton Jones, Author and Founder of New Breed Planting

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In February of 2000, Bill's wife Robin and two of their children were involved in a terrible head-on collision.

This video, produced by CBN, tells the dramatic story of how God met the Faris family in their most critical time of need.

Gracelets Audio Podcasts

Healing in Relationships​

Bill's talk at The Power to Go On conference begins with a testimony of a former client who tells of the damage a pornography compulsion caused to his marriage. He goes on to share the good news of how God brought healing to his marriage and his soul. 

Following this, Bill talks further about God's power to heal relationships through our hands, our hearts, and our words.


In How Healed Do You Want to Be? Bill examines the experience and meaning of healing from a truly fresh perspective. 

Bill lays out a biblical road map that helps the reader to develop a deeper understanding of how healing happens and how to cooperate with the Holy Spirit in His deeper healing work. 

Bill Faris, MPC

Bill's Books

  • "Is There Life After Divorce?"28:31

"Bill Faris has provided a biblically- based approach that integrates healing with God's ongoing salvation and sanctification process. As Bill sees it, God's heart for healing does not simply take away our discomfort. It brings wholeness and ultimately Christ-likeness as it works in and through us.

Expect neither a "dry treatise" or "warm fuzzies", but rather a paradigm that engages the reader's mind and heart to explore various dimensions of healing. Bring your highlighter for there are nuggets you will want to keep for the rest of your journey".

- Ron Ross, Education and Ministry Consultant

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Gracelets  collects the best of

Bill's articles on Christian Living, Marriage and Family, Personal Growth, Relationships, Healing

and Wholeness, and Life Skills

and presents them in a beautiful volume. 

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Bill has posted over thirty podcasts on his Spreaker.com page. All are free for the listening.  Each episode of  his Gracelets Audio productions are either fifteen or thirty minutes long.

Topics include:

* Is There Life After Divorce?

* The Best Think I Have Ever Done for My Sons

* Constant Change is Here to Stay (on the topic of Transitions)

* Spiritual Warfare

and many more. 

Click HERE to go to Bill's Spreaker page where all episodes can accessed and enjoyed.

​Below is a sample of a Gracelets Audio podcast.