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NOW AVAILABLE! Bill's first compilation of Gracelets articles: Gracelets - Thoughts, Reflections and Teachings on Personal and Spiritual Growth.  Click on the link below to purchase. $20 per copy + $5 shipping (as needed).


Bill's Shot of Grace professionally produced mini-podcasts are each about fifteen minutes in length.

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Bill's landmark book helps the reader understand how to receive healing of body, soul, and spirit via the five dimensions of God's healing grace. 

​Rooted in biblical teaching, years of counseling, pastoral care, and Christian healing prayer ministry How Healed? also draws life lessons from his family's recovery from a terrible head-on car collision involving his wife and two of his children. 

Available in Kindle or in Paperback.

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Bill's Son, Christopher Faris, MFT joins him in this lively discussion on Parenting.

In his talk, The Amazing Grace of True Friendships, Bill cites biblical and contemporary examples of how God-sent friendships can change your life and even release your destiny!  

From the Elevated to Excellence hosted conference "Navigating Relationships".

  • "Parenting" Part 127:42

  • "Is There Life After Divorce?"28:31

"Is There Life After Divorce?" is the topic Bill tackles with his guest

Cherie Francis-Boegeman. Give it a listen!

In this video, produced by CBN, Bill and Robin share the story of God's faithfulness through the biggest crisis of their lives and family --Robin's catastrophic car accident in the winter of 2000.  It will inspire you!

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Homegrown is the true story of how a conventional Vineyard church "went house church" in a bold quest to re-engage their mission, simplify their structure, and fully involve their members.

Along the way, these believers began to learn a whole new way of being the church at the neighborhood level. The result is an exciting new mission to "empower everyday people to take the ministry of Jesus to everyday places".

Those looking for some surprising stories, solid biblical thinking and an inspiring vision of how "microchurches" can impact their members and surroundings will find Homegrown a worthwhile read. 

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Gracelets Audio podcasts are each about twenty-five minutes in length.

Topics include: Spiritual Warfare, Thriving Through Transitions, Developing a Culture of Honor in Your Home and more.  

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Bill speaks on the healing of relationships at The Power to Go On conference recently held in Southern California. 

Prior to Bill's talk, Franck, a former client, speaks of his recovery from porn addiction and the healing of his marriage and family.