Bill and Robin, a lifelong Nurse and Assistant Professor of Nursing, have been married over forty years. They are the parents of three married sons, a daughter, and triplet granddaughters. 

Bill holds a Masters Degree in Pastoral Counseling and serves as Vice President of Flourishing Leaders - a nonprofit organization dedicated to the well being of pastors and other Christian Leaders. 

He is the author of several books including How Healed Do You Want to Be?and Gracelets - Thoughts, Reflections, and Teaching on Personal and Spiritual Growth

- My Philosophy of Christian Counseling Ministry -

As a professional Pastoral Counselor, I approach counseling

as a blend of three important ministries: 

The Ministry of Presence

God is present when we truly listen to and honor the other 

* The Ministry of Prophecy

God is speaking within the session as well as in daily life 

*The Ministry of Reconciliation

God desires to reconcile us to our past, to Himself, and to others  

I see the key outcomes of counseling ministry as:

Comfort, Wisdom, Guidance, Maturity, and Encouragement.

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